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Picture Deutsch-Langhaar (1941)
Fotografie Deutsch-Langhaar (1941)
Welcome to our website about the German Longhair cat (translated: Deutsch Langhaar).

The German Longhair cat is the only longhair breed with an origin in Germany.

In 1929 Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schwangart defined the standard for this wonderful breed. With its natural state it should have been the counterpart to the Persian.  Although the first federal winner results for the German Longhair cat on cat breed expositions occured in the 1930s, the breed never achieved the international recognition.  In the Second World War confusion the breeding stumbled and few years later it came to rest. German Angoras Samuel 2007 This website was made for lovers of this glamorous breed by friends and catteries of the German Longhair cat.

In the following pages you can find detailed information about the history of this breed. Many old photographies and drawings shall explain which aim we pursue with our actual breeding programme. Besides our breeding male and female cats you can find on this website also the announcement of new born kitten and all our catteries.
German Angoras Samuel 2007
  German Angoras Samuel 2007
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