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about us

We are a group of breeders, which has set itself the task to save the German Longhair from extinction.

We have joined together to reach our common goal: the international recognition of the breed.

Today's breeding programme of the German Longhair is based on animals that meet the standards of the German Longhair greatly. The breeders of the German Longhair do not take claim for themselves to breed genetically identical animals with the originally breed. But we try to get the standard and even the character 
of the original cats as close as possible.

We help each other choosing the right matings, by placement of the kittens and looking together for foundation cats, which are important to preserve the breed.

We look forward to each new member, whether breeders or lovers, in our small group. We are no club or organization but a loose federation, which pursues a hobby together. All our breeders are organized in a cat breeding club.

For details of the individual breeders see the section "catteries”. If you have any questions or are interested in a kitten, please contact us.

Zeichnung einer Deutsch Langhaarkatze
Zeichnung einer Deutsch Langhaarkatze
Zeichnung einer Deutsch Langhaarkatze
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