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German Longhair: back to future

Postkarte Deutsch Langhaarkatze
postcard 1907

The German Longhair is the only long-haired cat breed originate from Germany. The beginning of the GLH was already over 80 years ago and so it became one of the oldest cat breeds. The breed standard was published in 1929 by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schwangart. As yesterday so today, it delights cat lovers through the quiet and balanced nature cat. With its long, silky and easy to care coat, it will be a part of an imposing appearance in the series of long-haired cats.

In that - in the face of its turbulent history - relatively short time in which the German Longhair is bred again selective with the help of WCF, it has succeeded with its charm, unique character and appearance to win many people heart.

Virtually no other race has to report from such a rich history as the German Longhair, there had been so many ups and downs. It is time, to give this race his recognition, to which it is waiting for so long and of course for the several generations of breeders who have worked with courage, enthusiasm and the necessary ambition.

We would like to share some of this history in this section

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